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Allow editing of multiple-file sources in browser-based Scalatron IDE #7

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Time Estimate: 6-12 hours (completely unscientific - provided for comparison of feature complexity only)

Motivation: currently, users can only maintain a single source file (called Bot.scala) via the browser-based UI in their server-side workspace. This means that even complex bots need to be written in a single file, which is suboptimal. To address this issue, the Scala-based Scalatron API already provides support for multiple source files for the workspace source code, for samples, for versions and for compilation. Wherever functionality is exposed via the RESTful API, multi-file operations are already supported. But there is no UI access in the browser for it.

How to Implement:

  • in the browser client, enahnce the editor panel with multiple tabs to expose multiple source files, one per tab.
  • the client Editor can be found in the file /Scalatron/webui/client/Editor.js
  • update the saving, loading, tutorial "Load into Editor", version restore, sample loading functionality to support multiple source files. Probably quite easy, just be thorough.
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