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Fixed Validation's Monoid instance. #130

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Followup to #129.
I've added a check for monoid laws to Validation's tests, and found out, the identity element is wrong. Which resulted in things like:

scala> List(1.success[String], 2.success[String]).suml
res12: scalaz.Validation[String,Int] = Failure()

scala> List(1.success[String], 2.success[String]).concatenate
res13: scalaz.Validation[String,Int] = Failure()

So, I've fixed it. This is how it is now:

scala> List(1.success[String], 2.success[String]).suml
res0: scalaz.Validation[String,Int] = Success(3)

scala> List(1.success[String], 2.success[String]).concatenate
res1: scalaz.Validation[String,Int] = Success(3)
@purefn purefn merged commit a6ae78b into scalaz:scalaz-seven
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Commits on Aug 10, 2012
  1. @folone
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4 core/src/main/scala/scalaz/Validation.scala
@@ -346,12 +346,12 @@ trait ValidationInstances0 extends ValidationInstances1 {
f1 compare f2
- implicit def ValidationMonoid[E: Monoid, A: Semigroup]: Monoid[Validation[E, A]] =
+ implicit def ValidationMonoid[E: Semigroup, A: Monoid]: Monoid[Validation[E, A]] =
new Monoid[Validation[E, A]] {
def append(a1: Validation[E, A], a2: => Validation[E, A]) =
a1 +++ a2
def zero =
- Failure(Monoid[E].zero)
+ Success(Monoid[A].zero)
1  tests/src/test/scala/scalaz/ValidationTest.scala
@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@ class ValidationTest extends Spec {
type ValidationInt[A] = Validation[Int, A]
checkAll("Validation", semigroup.laws[ValidationInt[Int]])
+ checkAll("Validation", monoid.laws[ValidationInt[Int]])
checkAll("Validation", plus.laws[ValidationInt])
checkAll("Validation", applicative.laws[ValidationInt])
checkAll("Validation", traverse.laws[ValidationInt])
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