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An extension to the core Scala library for functional programming.

This branch is 350 commits behind series/7.2.x

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concurrent/src/main/scala/scalaz/concurrent Merge pull request #748 from hgiddens/monad-error
core/src/main/scala/scalaz Added pure/point for Free monad
effect/src/main/scala/scalaz remove unused imports
etc Bump copyright year
example/src/main/scala/scalaz/example fix spurious compiler warning wrt to new tagging
iteratee/src/main/scala/scalaz/iteratee remove unused imports
project upgrade scalacheck dependency to 1.11.4
scalacheck-binding/src/main/scala/scalaz/scalacheck Remove redundant test.
typelevel/src/main/scala/scalaz remove unused imports
xml/src/main/scala/scalaz/xml Use QName's name in its Order instance
.gitignore ignore eclipse project files
.travis.yml Scala 2.11.1 discontinue scalaz-seven branch discontinue scalaz-seven branch
TODO.txt remove ReaderWriterStateT form TODO.txt
sbt Update sbt-extras
version.sbt Setting version to 7.1.0-SNAPSHOT


Note: This branch has been discontinued and is kept for historical purposes. Development continues on the appropriate release branches:

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