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This release is binary compatible with 7.0.0.

New features

  • Show instance for java.lang.Throwable, needs to be imported explicitly (backport of 5db73d4a4d)
  • runM method on Free for running it in another monad (backport of 9445438a17)
  • mapM method on StreamT, threads a per-element monadic effect through the stream (backport of #363)
  • fix utility function as a proper replacement for Endo#fix (7cfb51ef63)

Changed features

  • override foldMap1 in NonEmptyList to avoid StackOverflowError (backport of #332)
  • fix Equal[Map[K, V]] instance (backport of fceb867e65)
  • fix Index[IndexedSeq] and Index[List] (backport of 8585cfc6e8)
  • prevent evaluating second parameter in Option's Semigroup twice (backport of #352)
  • fix composition of ApplicativePlus which violated the laws, new implementation identical to Haskell implementation (backport of #364)
  • change name of ToIdOps to ToEffectIdOps to avoid naming collisions (91fc474f2c, change maintains binary compatibility)
  • fix Comonad[Function1] instance (backport of #385)
  • performance optimization: toList method on Foldable[List] is now identity, and similarly for IndexedSeq, Set and Stream (backport of #386)
  • actors: clearing of last processed message from tail node to avoid memory leaks (backport of #396)
  • fix infinite loop in EphemeralStream#traverse (backport of parts of #398)
  • performance: less object allocations (backport of #402)
  • fix += method on NumericPLens (backport of #404)
  • put Cofree instances into implicit scope (c68b9d95c4)
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