Thermal data captured from infrared imaging of a quad-core processor.
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The thermal maps of this package are the thermal images used in this paper

K. Dev, A. N. Nowroz and S. Reda, "Power Mapping and Modeling of Multi-core Processors," in IEEE International Symposium on Low-Power Electronics and Design, pp. 39-44, 2013.

They were captured by running various workloads on a 45 nm AMD Athlon II X4 610e quad-core processor running at 1.7 GHz. The floorplan is given in AMDfloorplan.jpg

The thermal maps are given in Celsius and they can be plotted in matlab using imagesc. For instance, the included 
thermal_map.png was generated from this Matlab script

for i=1:30
    subplot(6, 5, i)
    imagesc(tmaps(:,:, i))
    set(gca, 'CLim', [26, 62]);

The order of the maps from 1 to 30 corresponds to the following applications and cores

MapNum	core-1	core-2	core-3	core-4
1	omnetpp			
2		omnetpp		
3			omnetpp	
4				omnetpp
5	hmmer			
6	soplex			
7	gamess			
8	omnetpp		omnetpp	
9	hmmer		hmmer	
10	soplex		soplex	
11	gamess		gamess	
12	omnetpp		soplex	
13	omnetpp		hmmer	
14	omnetpp		gamess	
15	hmmer		soplex	
16	hmmer		gamess	
17	soplex		gamess	
18	soplex	soplex	soplex	
19	hmmer	hmmer	hmmer	
20	omnetpp	omnetpp	omnetpp	
21	gamess		gamess	gamess
22	gamess	gamess	gamess	
23	omnetpp	soplex	gamess	
24	omnetpp	soplex	hmmer	
25	soplex	gamess	hmmer	
26	soplex	soplex	soplex	soplex
27	hmmer	hmmer	hmmer	hmmer
28	gamess	gamess	gamess	gamess
29	omnetpp	omnetpp	omnetpp	omnetpp
30	soplex	hmmer	gamess	omnetpp

please contact us, if you have any questions.