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ScaleConf website

This repository contains the jekyll code to generate the website.

Pull-requests are welcome if you spot any problems as the conference gets organised.

How to dev:


Install dependencies:

bundle install

Run a local server:

bundle exec jekyll server

Point your web browser at, any time you save a file the server will reload and you can browse the changes in your browser.


There is a generic github-pages dockerfile we can just use

docker run -v "$PWD":/usr/src/app -p "4000:4000" starefossen/github-pages

You can then point your browser at your docker instance, on mac this is probably docker-machine, so something like



Sponsors should be padded in such a way that the text is roughly consistent in sizing. This isn't an exact science unfortunately, and just needs to be looked at in the context of other sponsors logos to ensure that some aren't super small because of the way their logo spacing works.

To resize, I found it mostly easiest to just use image magick.

to take a tightly cropped logo and add some padding, and resize it to 50% of the size

convert logo.png -gravity center -background white -extent 130x130% -resize 50% logo.large.png