Multi-provider snapshotting for Vagrant
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Vagrant Multi-Provider Snap


This Vagrant plugin provides a consistent interface to taking snapshots of running Vagrant boxes. It currently supports the following providers:

  • VirtualBox
  • VMWare Fusion (via the commercial VMWare plugin)
  • VMWare Workstation (via the commercial VMWare plugin)
  • Hyper-V


The easiest way to install this plugin is via the published gem.

vagrant plugin install vagrant-multiprovider-snap


Take a new snapshot:

vagrant snap take [vm]

Roll back to the last snapshot:

vagrant snap rollback [vm]

List snapshots:

vagrant snap list [vm]

Take a custom-named snapshot:

vagrant snap take [vm] --name=snap01

Roll back to a named snapshot:

vagrant snap rollback [vm] --name=snap01

Delete a snapshot

vagrant snap delete [vm] --name=snap01


It's currently not possible to do any of the following:

  • Disable snapshotting

My own requirements don't include this feature, but I could be tempted to add them if anyone would find them useful.


Working on this module is a little tricky because of the obfuscation used by the commercial VMWare module. The following approach should get you up and running - although it's a bundler environment, you'll also need a packaged Vagrant install in order to get access to the rgloader libraries.

git clone
cd vagrant-multiprovider-snap
bundle install

You should now find that bundle exec vagrant status returns correctly, and you can hack on the code from there.

Once you've made changes that you're happy with, I'd recommend using rake build to create a gem, then installing that into your packaged Vagrant install since some things which work in the bundler environment might not work as expected in the packaged copy due to differences in how the plugins are handled.


vagrant-multiprovider-snap is licensed under the MIT license.


vagrant-multiprovider-snap was written, and is maintained by Jon Topper of The Scale Factory

Many thanks to the following people for contributing to vagrant-multiprovider-snap:

  • Reid Vandewiele
  • James Sweeny
  • Steven De Coeyer
  • Andrew Stangl
  • Stefan Scherer