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Filerobot Image Editor using cloudimage service

Point the Image Editor to your origin image URL, edit it and deliver the result lightning fast over the Cloudimage image CDN. Limited to the Cloudimage inline transformation features.


To use the Cloudimage Responsive plugin, you will need a Cloudimage token to deliver your images over CDN. Don't worry, it only takes seconds to get one by registering here. Once your token is created, you can configure it as described below. This token allows you to use 25GB of image cache and 25GB of worldwide CDN traffic per month for free.


  const config = {
    cloudimage: {
      token: '******'

  const onComplete = function(newUrl) {
    console.log('your url for the edited image: ', newUrl);

  const ImageEditor = new FilerobotImageEditor(config, onComplete);'');


cloudimage: object (required)

cloudimage.token: string (required)

Your Cloudimage customer token. Subscribe for a Cloudimage account to get one. The subscription takes less than a minute and is totally free.

onComplete(url: string): function (required)

Callback, triggers on complete processing image.

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