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+# cherokee_scripts
-Scripts for interacting with Cherokee Web Server
+Scripts for interacting with Cherokee Web Server
+## /
+Enables/disables a vserver rule to trigger a maintenance notice.
+Cherokee has a great admin interface for humans but not much
+support for scripted actions. This script delves into the
+cherokee config file to enable/disable a very specific rule under a
+specified vserver.
+### Example Usage
+$ enable --vserver_nicl="My Example VServer"
+### Required Maintenance Rules
+The relevant vserver should have two maintenance rules.
+Rule 1) Handles the maintenance page.
+Rule 2) Directs all traffic to a maintenance page.
+Rule 1) Can handle the maintenance page whatever way you like.
+Rule 2) needs to be a directory match on '/' (which will match everything).
+Its handler is a regex redirection performing an internal redirection
+of everything (.*) to the maintenance page.

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