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Welcome to the Scaleway Documentation Platform

What is the Scaleway Documentation Platform?

The goal of this platform is to provide you with information about all the resources in the Scaleway Ecosystem and the procedures you should follow to get the best experience from our products and services. You will find several types of content.

Concepts: we explain a core concept in simple terms.

Quickstarts: we give a shortened version of a How to which enables you to have access to the most common instructions.

How-tos: we explain how to create and manage all your resources from the Scaleway console.

Tutorials: we explain how to use your Scaleway resources with third-party tools.

CLIs documentation: we explain how to manage your Scaleway products in your code or command line.

Reference documentation: we provide pertinent details about a specific subject.

✏️ Contributing

Follow the link to learn more about our contribution processes.

Clone project

Please follow this guide to clone the project efficiently.

Do not forget to run yarn after cloning!

Note that cloning this repository (content) allows you to view and suggest modifications to Scaleway documentation content via mdx files. It does not allow you to generate a local preview of the documentation site. If you are an internal Scaleway collaborator and need the preview functionality, contact a member of the documentation team.

MDX blocks

Blocks are useful for adding rich content to your contributions.

See how MDX blocks works


If you use markdown files, you should read about what frontmatters are.

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Blocks details

This section shows code details listed on a full page.

See the full Components page where our page components code is explained in detail.


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