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@jerome-quere jerome-quere released this Feb 14, 2020 · 1322 commits to master since this release

  • First release 🎉
Assets 6
  • v1.20
  • 9984ffe
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  • v1.20
  • 9984ffe
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@QuentinBrosse QuentinBrosse released this Sep 10, 2019 · 5 commits to master since this release

Note: Due to a compatibility issue, we won't deliver FreeBSD and NetBSD binaries anymore. You can build them by yourself with Go 1.11. You can find more info here.

Assets 16
  • v1.18
  • e9f834c
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  • v1.18
  • e9f834c
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@kindermoumoute kindermoumoute released this Mar 4, 2019 · 28 commits to master since this release

Release v1.18

Assets 20

@lodow lodow released this Apr 20, 2018 · 65 commits to master since this release

  • scw-darwin-amd64
    MD5: 6ce7485af1049f72f94e44378bec7b1f
    SHA1: 3372b525353b47c7bf8914bb55c2da209f7182e4
  • scw-darwin-i386
    MD5: e8959b91ad1733c88505d62bff50b9e3
    SHA1: b2543f8b669a6618530fd121499963ad2fdf14a2
  • scw-freebsd-amd64
    MD5: b7e2adb54f273a3bb4b3f6a7fea61343
    SHA1: 0341435448a18f38f8b2f29517511cea588a4ed0
  • scw-freebsd-arm
    MD5: 9d34f8e71644efe097f1066b51059501
    SHA1: 7151ed836ed55ea5498af62b42e005bd8e133516
  • scw-freebsd-i386
    MD5: 1973eb5a11684cda2738c2c141522b46
    SHA1: af67b9631e3cb129d79f539b65cedc15cf1abf95
  • scw-linux-amd64
    MD5: b7e2adb54f273a3bb4b3f6a7fea61343
    SHA1: 7850256c2b304d67e2fbd3a6e3c418879ad55754
  • scw-linux-arm
    MD5: 8e3441a3e0f61db1cd666c5e2da20d67
    SHA1: a1bd4db84be1af293789f7cb672f5d68ddf8aa74
  • scw-linux-arm64
    MD5: af963e50c1a478c72cea1a7b5664bcc8
    SHA1: 3d7f10a49ac4ce4bc53cda815f2b4926367a7e9b
  • scw-linux-i386
    MD5: 882a562f01b3ea4a02cfe3d94875a94b
    SHA1: 0fcd2010ddae9cc97a3224e4df024b3de2481bc7
  • scw-netbsd-amd64
    MD5: 1bd071239c910d852dd2dcc52a200069
    SHA1: 36a7912d01188a1ca1220ea2222b754217fdc842
  • scw-netbsd-arm
    MD5: 721960867fb8a3316c8111c44c425e22
    SHA1: 4dd58405a5d3b73540e51af67a0b9b1012c6cfd1
  • scw-netbsd-i386
    MD5: cd8efc7afe9ce613fe5cf848e19a476f
    SHA1: 8b4895abd3b64931876c12cea23060bb6cc727b9
  • scw-windows-amd64.exe
    MD5: 96993a27b652c696d9241433c99694e8
    SHA1: fe7fe82e3ae5df5a6dedbe5b5f0cf095ce7eddde
  • scw-windows-i386.exe
    MD5: 95101de83554814b8c01d0026ac6fe2c
    SHA1: 3db98b9372da80104ae421c2b1d9e3fa8be13c48
  • scw_1.16_amd64.deb
    MD5: d7b2f4a500bf47b85fec06b9c94e5200
    SHA1: 1cde9ac5e5d2df377b502d2a349d88a8d4dd33c9
  • scw_1.16_arm.deb
    MD5: e637ccb447dd0f3e2d96d0014f6cfb47
    SHA1: a2cc495fb89b9c6b06654f6d78f9be19e780dd7b
  • scw_1.16_arm64.deb
    MD5: 10910527ce87bb68e719dcb44f7ee7e4
    SHA1: 6f93243ebdb6fea8dca18d772533d06db171bade
  • scw_1.16_i386.deb
    MD5: 17f602609a1ce2c03388a814b2f2e23f
    SHA1: 332af3c67b1c4ae7f6fda6df1e9f2f7e1bcfdb5d
Assets 20
Apr 12, 2018
Release v1.15

@bchatelard bchatelard released this Apr 3, 2017 · 141 commits to master since this release

  • cmd: exec, add -A flag to forward ssh keys
  • cmd: fix typo -p flag port instead of --p
  • API: add new commercial type
  • cmd: add new commercial type

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