@moul moul released this Mar 17, 2016 · 368 commits to master since this release

  • Use VC1 by default
  • scw exec Add warning to try to clean the cache when an error occurred
  • Remove --api-endpoint
  • Fix uploading SSH key with scw login
  • Use markerplace API in GetImages()
  • Add _markerplace
  • scw rename fix nil dereference (#289)
  • Support of scw [run|create] --ip-address=[none|dynamic] (#283) (@ElNounch)
  • Support of scw ps -f server-type=COMMERCIALTYPE (#280)
  • Support of scw ps -f arch=XXX (#278)
  • scw info Use json fingerprint field exposed by API
  • Allow to override Region and Architecture when using the helpers to create a new volume from a human size
  • Do not check permissions on config file under Windows (#282) (@ElNounch)
  • Update pricing (#294)
  • create-image-from-http.sh: using VPS instead of C1 (#301)

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