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ScalikeJDBC 2.0.0 is out for Scala 2.10 & 2.11 users with new useful features.

Though some points are incompatible for improvement, libraries are basically source code compatible with ScalikeJDBC 1.7.

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Support only Scala 2.10 and 2.11

Finally Scala 2.9.x (and Play 2.0.x) is dropped in version 2.0.x. mapper-generator (sbt plugin) for sbt 0.12.x is already dropped.

Renamed joda-time APIs due to JSR-310

UnixTimeInMillisConverter#toDateTime is renamed to #toJodaDateTime (#toLocalDate, #toLocalTime, #toLocalDateTime too)

WrappedResultSet#dateTime, #localDate, #localTime and #localDateTime are deprecated and #jodaDateTime and #jodaXXX are added.

See also the issue:

Modules structure improvements

Now "org.scalikejdbc" %% "scalikejdbc" includes SQL interpolation feature.

import SQLInterpolation._ no longer required. Just import scalikejdbc._ works fine.

Switching connection pool implementation by configuration


ConnectionPool.add('dbcp, url, user, password,
  ConnectionPoolSettings(connectionPoolFactoryName = "commons-dbcp"))

BoneCP users:

ConnectionPool.add('bonecp, url, user, password,
  ConnectionPoolSettings(connectionPoolFactoryName = "bonecp"))

For HikariCP users:

val dataSource: DataSource = {
  val ds = new HikariDataSource()
  ds.addDataSourceProperty("url", url)
  ds.addDataSourceProperty("user", user)
  ds.addDataSourceProperty("password", password)
ConnectionPool.add('hikaricp, new DataSourceConnectionPool(dataSource))

one-to-x API: #toManies improvement

Previously, to-manies accepts 5 tables. Now we can join 9 tables within same query.

ParameterBinder to enable customizing StatementExecutor#bindParams

For instance, PostgreSQL JDBC driver expects length of binary data when calling #setBinaryStream.

Previously, ScalikeJDBC users cannot pass extra values when binding params to PreparedStatement.

To resolve this issue, just use ParameterBinder instead of raw value.

val bytes = Array[Byte](1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
val in = new ByteArrayInputStream(bytes)
val v = ParameterBinder[InputStream](
  value = in,
  binder = (stmt: PreparedStatement, idx: Int) => {
    stmt.setBinaryStream(idx, in, bytes.length)
sql"insert into table_name (data) values (${v})".update.apply()

Separated Play2 support into another project

Versioning policy will follow Play's versions.

(e.g.) 2.2.x for Play 2.2.x, 2.3.x for Play 2.3.x

Generating case classes for Scala 2.11 users

Since Scala 2.11, we can use case classes for 22+ columns tables.

When generator.caseClassOnly is true in configuration, mapper-generator always generates a case class.

New tasks to generate models for all the tables

New tasks are added to mapper-generator.

  • scalikejdbcGenForce
  • scalikejdbcGenAll
  • scalikejdbcGenAllForce

See also:


  • [core] #218 Enable handling PreparedStatement by library users
  • [core] #216 Interpolation support for Traversable[SQLSyntax]
  • [core] #215 in operation doesn't work well with Stream and ampersand
  • [core] #227 Get an old pool in a synchronized block by @tkawachi
  • [core] #223 Supporting multiple connection pool implementations
  • [core] #226 Enabling more toManies relations (5 -> 9)
  • [core] #116 Added SQLSyntax.createUnsafely
  • [core] #241 Compilation time improvement by @todesking
  • [core] #237 NPE when using ReadOnlyAutoSession with RelationalSQL
  • [core] #238 Implemented Model#allTables() by @tkawachi
  • [core] #244 Added ParameterBinder to enable customizing StatementExecutor#binParams
  • [core] #245 getTable throws UnexpectedNullValueException
  • [core] #246 Add parameter tableTypes to getTable method
  • [config] #232 Read poolConnectionTimeoutMillis by @tkawachi
  • [config] #230 Read all of defined global configuration by @tkawachi
  • [dbconsole] #228 Changed to refer $HOME instead of $HOME_DIR by @tkawachi
  • [mapper-generator] #225 mapper-generator inputTask deprecation warning by @xuwei-k
  • [mapper-generator] #234 Generated tests don't compile (2.0.0-beta3)
  • [mapper-generator] #240 scripted-test for mapper-generator has been fixed
  • [mapper-generator] #238 Generate models for all tables by @tkawachi

Enjoy writing mostly type-safe SQL and get things done!

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