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package scalikejdbc
import java.sql.ResultSet
import java.time._
import scalikejdbc.JavaUtilDateConverterImplicits._
* Type binder for java.sql.ResultSet.
trait TypeBinder[+A] {
def apply(rs: ResultSet, columnIndex: Int): A
def apply(rs: ResultSet, columnLabel: String): A
def map[B](f: A => B): TypeBinder[B] = new TypeBinder[B] {
def apply(rs: ResultSet, columnIndex: Int): B = f(TypeBinder.this.apply(rs, columnIndex))
def apply(rs: ResultSet, columnLabel: String): B = f(TypeBinder.this.apply(rs, columnLabel))
* Type binder for java.sql.ResultSet.
object TypeBinder extends LowPriorityTypeBinderImplicits {
* same as `implicitly[TypeBinder[A]]`
* @example {{{
* TypeBinder.of[Long]
* }}}
@inline def of[A](implicit a: TypeBinder[A]): TypeBinder[A] = a
def apply[A](index: (ResultSet, Int) => A)(label: (ResultSet, String) => A): TypeBinder[A] = new TypeBinder[A] {
def apply(rs: ResultSet, columnIndex: Int): A = index(rs, columnIndex)
def apply(rs: ResultSet, columnLabel: String): A = label(rs, columnLabel)
def from[A, B](f: A => B)(implicit a: TypeBinder[A]): TypeBinder[B] =
private[scalikejdbc] val any: TypeBinder[Any] = TypeBinder(_ getObject _)(_ getObject _)
implicit val array: TypeBinder[java.sql.Array] = Binders.sqlArray
implicit val bigDecimal: TypeBinder[java.math.BigDecimal] = Binders.javaBigDecimal
implicit val scalaBigDecimal: TypeBinder[BigDecimal] = Binders.bigDecimal
implicit val bigInteger: TypeBinder[java.math.BigInteger] = Binders.javaBigInteger
implicit val scalaBigInt: TypeBinder[BigInt] = Binders.bigInt
implicit val binaryStream: TypeBinder[] = Binders.binaryStream
implicit val blob: TypeBinder[java.sql.Blob] = Binders.blob
implicit val nullableBoolean: TypeBinder[java.lang.Boolean] = Binders.javaBoolean
implicit val boolean: TypeBinder[Boolean] = Binders.boolean
implicit val optionBoolean: TypeBinder[Option[Boolean]] = Binders.optionBoolean
implicit val nullableByte: TypeBinder[java.lang.Byte] = Binders.javaByte
implicit val byte: TypeBinder[Byte] = Binders.byte
implicit val optionByte: TypeBinder[Option[Byte]] = Binders.optionByte
implicit val bytes: TypeBinder[Array[Byte]] = Binders.bytes
implicit val characterStream: TypeBinder[] = Binders.characterStream
implicit val clob: TypeBinder[java.sql.Clob] = Binders.clob
implicit val date: TypeBinder[java.sql.Date] = Binders.sqlDate
implicit val nullableDouble: TypeBinder[java.lang.Double] = Binders.javaDouble
implicit val double: TypeBinder[Double] = Binders.double
implicit val optionDouble: TypeBinder[Option[Double]] = Binders.optionDouble
implicit val nullableFloat: TypeBinder[java.lang.Float] = Binders.javaFloat
implicit val float: TypeBinder[Float] = Binders.float
implicit val optionFloat: TypeBinder[Option[Float]] = Binders.optionFloat
implicit val nullableInt: TypeBinder[java.lang.Integer] = Binders.javaInteger
implicit val int: TypeBinder[Int] =
implicit val optionInt: TypeBinder[Option[Int]] = Binders.optionInt
implicit val nullableLong: TypeBinder[java.lang.Long] = Binders.javaLong
implicit val long: TypeBinder[Long] = Binders.long
implicit val optionLong: TypeBinder[Option[Long]] = Binders.optionLong
implicit val nClob: TypeBinder[java.sql.NClob] = Binders.nClob
implicit val ref: TypeBinder[java.sql.Ref] = Binders.ref
implicit val rowId: TypeBinder[java.sql.RowId] = Binders.rowId
implicit val nullableShort: TypeBinder[java.lang.Short] = Binders.javaShort
implicit val short: TypeBinder[Short] = Binders.short
implicit val optionShort: TypeBinder[Option[Short]] = Binders.optionShort
implicit val sqlXml: TypeBinder[java.sql.SQLXML] = Binders.sqlXml
implicit val string: TypeBinder[String] = Binders.string
implicit val time: TypeBinder[java.sql.Time] = Binders.sqlTime
implicit val timestamp: TypeBinder[java.sql.Timestamp] = Binders.sqlTimestamp
* [error] /scalikejdbc/scalikejdbc-library/src/test/scala/scalikejdbc/TypeBinderSpec.scala:40: ambiguous
* implicit values:
* [error] both value date in object TypeBinder of type => scalikejdbc.TypeBinder[java.sql.Date]
* [error] and value time in object TypeBinder of type => scalikejdbc.TypeBinder[java.sql.Time]
* [error] match expected type scalikejdbc.TypeBinder[java.util.Date]
* [error] implicitly[TypeBinder[java.util.Date]].apply(rs, "time") should not be (null)
* [error] ^
* [error] one error found
//implicit val javaUtilDate: TypeBinder[java.util.Date] = option[java.sql.Timestamp].map([java.util.Date])
implicit val javaUtilCalendar: TypeBinder[java.util.Calendar] = Binders.javaUtilCalendar
implicit val javaTimeInstant: TypeBinder[Instant] = Binders.javaTimeInstant
implicit def javaTimeZonedDateTime(implicit z: OverwrittenZoneId): TypeBinder[ZonedDateTime] =
implicit def javaTimeOffsetDateTime(implicit z: OverwrittenZoneId): TypeBinder[OffsetDateTime] =
implicit def javaTimeLocalDate(implicit z: OverwrittenZoneId): TypeBinder[LocalDate] =
implicit def javaTimeLocalTime(implicit z: OverwrittenZoneId): TypeBinder[LocalTime] =
implicit def javaTimeLocalDateTime(implicit z: OverwrittenZoneId): TypeBinder[LocalDateTime] =
implicit val url: TypeBinder[] = Binders.url
private[scalikejdbc] val asciiStream: TypeBinder[] = Binders.asciiStream
private[scalikejdbc] val nCharacterStream: TypeBinder[] = Binders.nCharacterStream
private[scalikejdbc] val nString: TypeBinder[String] = Binders.nString
sealed abstract class LowPriorityTypeBinderImplicits {
implicit val javaTimeZonedDateTimeDefault: TypeBinder[ZonedDateTime] = Binders.javaTimeZonedDateTime
implicit val javaTimeOffsetDateTimeDefault: TypeBinder[OffsetDateTime] = Binders.javaTimeOffsetDateTime
implicit val javaTimeLocalDateDefault: TypeBinder[LocalDate] = Binders.javaTimeLocalDate
implicit val javaTimeLocalTimeDefault: TypeBinder[LocalTime] = Binders.javaTimeLocalTime
implicit val javaTimeLocalDateTimeDefault: TypeBinder[LocalDateTime] = Binders.javaTimeLocalDateTime
implicit def option[A](implicit ev: TypeBinder[A]): TypeBinder[Option[A]] = new TypeBinder[Option[A]] {
def apply(rs: ResultSet, columnIndex: Int): Option[A] = wrap(ev(rs, columnIndex))
def apply(rs: ResultSet, columnLabel: String): Option[A] = wrap(ev(rs, columnLabel))
private def wrap(a: => A): Option[A] =
try Option(a) catch { case _: NullPointerException | _: UnexpectedNullValueException => None }
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