An OpenStack Heat template and scripts to build a Murano app to deploy Zenko on MetalK8s on an OpenStack cloud. The script is tested on Platform9.
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This repository contains a heat template to deploy Zenko on MetalK8s on an OpenStack cloud. It also comes with a way to create a murano app package. The Stack/Application deploys the required minimum system to run Zenko. By default, it does not deploy anything else than the instances, but it can be configured to install Metalk8s only, or Metalk8s And Zenko.

Heat template parameters

  • key_name
    Description: Keypair to enable SSH access to the instances.

  • metalk8s_version
    Description: MetalK8s version to install (only use master if you know what you're doing :)
    default: "1.0.0"
    Allowed_pattern: "(master|1.[0-9].0-9?)"

  • install
    Description: Should we deploy anything on the cluster?
    default: "none"
    - none
    - metalk8sonly
    - both

  • zenko_version
    Description: Zenko version to install
    Default: "1.0.1"
    Allowed_pattern: "(master|1.[0-9].0-9?)"

  • network
    Description: Name or ID of network to create VMs on.

CLI Usage

This assumes that you have a functioning environment with openstack CLI tool able to run against your openstack environment.

Deploying the template only

openstack stack create --parameter key_name=<key_to_use> --parameter network=<network> -t template.yaml <stackname>

Deploying the template and metalk8s only

openstack stack create --parameter key_name=<key_to_use> --parameter install=metalk8sonly --parameter zenko_version=1.0.1 --parameter network=<network> -t template.yaml <stackname>

Deploying the full stack (instances, metalk8s and Zenko)

openstack stack create --parameter key_name=<key_to_use> --parameter install=both --parameter zenko_version=1.0.1 --parameter network=<network> -t template.yaml <stackname>

PF9 UI Usage

In the platform 9 UI, this template can be deployed using the orchestration tab, and by supplying the template_pf9_ui.yaml and k8snode_pf9_ui.yaml file and all the files in templates/ and scripts/ directories.
Orchestration UI
When asked about parameters, this JSON, filled in with the right data for your setup, should be used to deploy and install both metalk8s 1.0.0 and Zenko 1.0.1

  "key_name": "<key_to_use",
  "install": "both",
  "zenko_version": "1.0.1",
  "network": "<network>"

Orchestration UI
Orchestration UI

Murano Packages

The included script,, will generate a zip file that can be used to deploy the stack as well. the Platform9 UI allows creating applications based on murano packages, which can then be used to deploy zenko/metalk8s as an application tby all yourauthorized platform9 users.