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DC3160 Coursework
JavaScript Java HTML TSQL CSS
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DC3160 - Enterprise Application Technology

Backend built with Java Spring Framework

Frontend built with HTML, CSS and Vanilla JavaScript


In order to get the system working on your infrastructure of choice, only two files need to be updated:

snowdome/src/main/resources/ snowdome/src/main/resources/site/scripts/utils/helper.js

Set the IP addresses, ports and DB username/password combination to what your infrastructure requires.

Then simply run the Spring server to initiate the backend. Start up a webserver from the site folder in order to serve the frontend using something like Python or Node http-server

Goals Completed

The following goals of the spec have been completed:

  • The base spec
    • Login
    • Select a booking
    • View the selection
    • Save that booking selection
    • View the timetable
  • Extras:
    • User sign up
    • Quick ajax check for existing username
    • Clientside validation of username (more than 7 characters)
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