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Feature: Torrent Reactivation
In order to reactivate inactive torrents
As a moderator
I want to be able to do so
Given the following users exist:
| username | role |
| joe-the-uploader | user |
| joe-the-mod | mod |
And I am logged in as 'joe-the-mod'
Scenario: Moderator reactivates an inactive torrent
Given the following torrents exist:
| name | uploader |
| joe_the_uploaders_torrent | joe-the-uploader |
And torrent 'joe_the_uploaders_torrent' is inactivated
When I go to the 'torrent details page for torrent "joe_the_uploaders_torrent"'
And I click link 'activate'
Then page should countain text 'torrent successfully activated'
And page should countain link 'remove'
And torrent 'joe_the_uploaders_torrent' attribute 'active' should be 'true'
And the following messages should exist:
| sender | receiver | subject | folder | unread |
| system | joe-the-uploader | torrent activated | inbox | true |
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