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# running the specs tests

  + create test database
    $ padrino rake ar:create -e test
  + execute migrations
    $ padrino rake ar:migrate -e test
  + run
    $ spec spec -c -f n
    $ spec spec/models -c -f n
    $ spec spec/models/user_spec.rb -c -f n
    $ spec spec/authentication -c -f n

# dir structure:

  - app_root  
    - spec  
      - authentication          - authentication module spec tests
      - authorization           - authorization module spec tests
      - bg_tasks                - bg_tasks module spec tests
      - bittorrent              - bittorrent module spec tests
      - models                  - models spec tests
      - support                 
        - test_data               - test data files
          + bg_tasks_test.yml       + background tasks config
          + invalid.torrent         + malformed torrent file
          + test.txt                + empty text file
          + valid.torrent           + valid torrent file
        + fetchers.rb             + methods that retrieve or create records
        + makers.rb               + methods that create records
        + finders.rb              + methods that retrieve records
        + misc.rb                 + methods used by the test classes
        + support_variables.rb    + methods that create variables used by the test classes
      + spec_helper.rb          + rspec config file

  # Note that when a test class needs to create a record it calls a method in 'fetchers.rb' 
    or in 'makers.rb', that use pure active_record to create the records. If you want to use
    a factory strategy just change the methods in these files, with no need to change the specs.

  # The support files described above are also used by the cucumber features tests, located
    in the dir 'features/'.

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