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1.0.0 2010-12-05
First public release
1.1.0b1 2011-02-24
Fix missing "--force" option in help (Greg Smith)
Correct warning message for wal_keep_segments (Bas van Oostveen)
Add Debian build/usage docs (Bas, Hannu Krosing, Cedric Villemain)
Add Debian .deb packaging (Hannu)
Move configuration data into a structure (Bas, Gabriele Bartolini)
Make rsync options configurable (Bas)
Add syslog as alternate logging destination (Gabriele)
Change from using malloc to static memory allocations (Gabriele)
Add debugging messages after every query (Gabriele)
Parameterize schema name used for repmgr (Gabriele)
Avoid buffer overruns by using snprintf etc. (Gabriele)
Fix use of database query after close (Gabriele)
Add information about progress during "standby clone" (Gabriele)
Fix double free errors in repmgrd (Charles Duffy, Greg)
Make repmgr exit with an error code when encountering an error (Charles)
Standardize on error return codes, use in repmgrd too (Greg)
Add [un]install actions/SQL like most contrib modules (Daniel Farina)
Wrap all string construction and produce error on overflow (Daniel)
Correct freeing of memory from first_wal_segment (Daniel)
Allow creating recovery.conf file with a password (Daniel)
Inform when STANDBY CLONE sees an unused config file (Daniel)
Use 64-bit computation for WAL apply_lag (Greg)
Add info messages for database and general work done (Greg)
Map old verbose flag into a useful setting for the new logger (Greg)
Document repmgrd startup restrictions and log info about them (Greg)
1.1.0 2011-03-09
Make options -U, -R and -p not mandatory (Jaime)
1.1.1 2011-XX-XX
Add --ignore-rsync-warning (Cédric)