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== 2.0.6 2009-08-01
* Fixed a couple of bugs:
- Chris Gibson: When forcing the repository type, Piston would break because
it called #downcase on a Symbol. 1bcc16bf8
- Terry Heath: Subversion's --non-interactive would prevent OS X's keychain
from kicking in. 93d9a957
- Florian Aßmann: In certain cases, the revision would be a String, and
other times it would be an Integer. Normalize before
comparing. 40c0bc4e
== 2.0.4 2009-07-20
* Enable git support to work with more versions of Git by specifying th
remote's name when checking out the branch.
== 2.0.2 2009-04-07
* Fixed a bug in the command line parser that was interpreting status as statu.
== 2.0.1 2009-04-01
* Finished testing on Ruby 1.9.1.
* Released new website.
== 1.9.5 2008-11-12
* Merged everything that was relevant from the community.
* Thanks to scambra for fixing many problems with piston update.
== 1.9.4
* Thanks to scambra for fixing lock/unlock errors.
* Thanks to Geoffrey Grosenbach (topfunky), piston has a gemspec for use on GitHub.
* Thanks to Brian Takita (btakita), piston update with a Git repository works!
* Thanks to mattknox and scambra for manifest updates.
* Thanks to Marcos Tapajós (tapajos) for many small improvements.
== 1.9.3 2008-06-03
* Import git branches using --revision origin/BRANCH_NAME, or a tag
using --revision TAG_NAME, or even a specific commit using
--revision COMMIT_ID. In fact, use a committish and you'll be fine,
even HEAD^3.
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