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base fork: scambra/remember_me
base: master
head fork: xHire/remember_me
compare: master
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Commits on Jan 10, 2012
@xHire xHire Fix for Roundcube 0.7.1 9409635
Showing with 3 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +3 −2 remember_me.php
5 remember_me.php
@@ -21,13 +21,14 @@ function init() {
$this->add_hook('authenticate', array($this, 'authenticate'));
$this->add_hook('login_after', array($this, 'login_after'));
$this->add_hook('login_failed', array($this, 'login_failed'));
- $this->add_hook('kill_session', array($this, 'logout'));
+ $this->add_hook('session_destroy', array($this, 'logout'));
function rememberme_loginform($before) {
+ $rcmail = rcmail::get_instance();
- $this->include_stylesheet('skins/'.$this->api->output->config['skin'].'/remember_me.css');
+ $this->include_stylesheet('skins/'.$rcmail->config->get('skin').'/remember_me.css');
$checked = "";
if($_COOKIE['rememberme_checked'] == 1)
$checked = 'checked="checked"';

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