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Adopt-a-Planet is a prototype fundraising platform that was created during the “Hack the Universe” hackathon event at the American Museum of Natural History in October 2014. A team of designers, back and front-end developers and two scientists set to transform boring tables of data from the Kepler exoplanet mission into a visual platform to virtually “purchase” a planet and fictionally name it. The platform allows a user to make a donation in exchange for the possibility to name one of the real planets in the NASA-Kepler mission catalogue. Once a planet is purchased the user can view information about it such as distance, size, habitability, location, chances of life...etc. The project meant to bring astronomical data closer to the public, making it more approachable, and providing a visually appealing platform with the potential of being used by a non-profit to fundraise for a good cause.

Graphic Design (see screenshots) Kevin M. Gong

Data Expert Sara Camnasio

Front End Katherin Siracusa

Back End Adam Kaewell

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