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0.1.1 - 29.09.2010
Fixed compilation error on GHC>=6.12.2
0.1.0 - 05.04.2010
Hackage release
0.0.9 - 05.04.2010
Corrected cabal file
0.0.8 - 05.04.2010
Corrected cabal file
0.0.7 - 05.04.2010
Added help screen in main menu
Added foreign affairs screen
Made slight adjustments to game balance
Changed calculation of points
Added displaying used difficulty level in high score list
0.0.6 - 03.04.2010
Added governors and missions
Added star system map display
Added support for moons and binary systems
0.0.5 - 28.03.2010
Added possibility to repair ship
Player name is now asked when starting the game
Restructured star system
Added difficulty levels
Added allegiances of ships and planets
Added varying attitudes of planets towards player
0.0.4 - 21.03.2010
Added main menu
Changed starting point
Tuned starting cash and capture cargo
Improved AI variability
0.0.3 - 21.03.2010
Added smarter AI
Added multiple lives
Changed laser color
Added choosing which cargo to capture
Added cargo hold limit
0.0.2 - 18.03.2010
Added high score list
0.0.1 - 16.03.2010
Initial version