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Star Rover 2
Star Rover 2 is a space flying game where the player can combat against other
space ships, trade and complete missions. Destroy enemy fighters, plan your
trade route carefully, buy low and sell high, serve your country! Be careful
with the police, pay attention to the international relations and get as rich
as you can.
You start on a foreign planet in a star system with multiple states competing
for power. Pirating may seem the easiest way to riches, but getting into too
much trouble with the authorities may prove fatal. Of course, privateering
for your country may bring you fame as well as wealth.
Controls in space:
Arrows / W+A+S+D - control your ship
Space - shoot (in combat)
+ and - - zoom/unzoom
M - star system map
Q - retire
Controls in menus:
Arrows - move around in menus
Enter or space - choose action