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Form Database Plugin

The Form Database Plugin is for Grav CMS. This is a extension to the normal Form-Plugin. With this plugin you can save added forms to your MySQL Database.


General Settings

Fill in the requires information in the user/plugins/from-database/from-database.yaml file, or use the Admin Template to make it in a GUI.

enabled: true
mysql_server: localhost
mysql_port: 3306

Individual Form Settings

Additional to the general Settings you need following Form specific settings:

db: <<Your DB Name>>
table: <<Table Name>>
fields: { <<DB_Field1>>: <<Form_Field1>>, <<DB_Field2>>: <<Form_Field2>>, ... }


                from: '{{ }}'
                to: ['{{ }}', '{{ }}']
                subject: '[Site Contact Form] {{|e }}'
                body: '{% include ''forms/data.txt.twig'' %}'
                db: myCompany
                table: contacts
                fields: { name: name, e-mail: email, phone-fixnet: phone }