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A library for your API that provides:

  • Automated Integration Testing
  • Automated Live Documentation

Given an API specification, written in YAML/JSON format, ScanAPI hits the specified endpoints, runs the test cases, and generates a detailed report of this execution - which can also be used as the API documentation itself.

With almost no Python knowledge, the user can define endpoints to be hit, the expected behavior for each response and will receive a full real-time diagnostic report of the API!



How to install

$ pip install scanapi

Basic Usage

You will need to write the API's specification and save it as a YAML or JSON file. For example:

  - name: scanapi-demo # The API's name of your API
    path: # The API's base url
      - name: list_all_users # The name of the first request
        path: users/ # The path of the first request
        method: get # The HTTP method of the first request
          - name: status_code_is_200 # The name of the first test for this request
            assert: ${{ response.status_code == 200 }} # The assertion

And run the scanapi command

$ scanapi run <file_path>

Then, the lib will hit the specified endpoints and generate a scanapi-report.html file with the report results.

An overview screenshot of the report. A screenshot of the report showing the request details.


The full documentation is available at


You can find complete examples at scanapi/examples!

This tutorial helps you to create integration tests for your REST API using ScanAPI

Watch the video


Collaboration is super welcome! We prepared the Newcomers Guide to help you in the first steps. Every little bit of help counts! Feel free to create new GitHub issues and interact here.

Let's build it together 🚀🚀