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Docker environment dedicated for ScandiPWA theme development
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This is a base repository that contains Docker environment for Magento ^2.3.

ScandiPWA-base is needed for the ScandiPWA theme installation for further development.

Already installed ScandiPWA? Then go to the scandipwa/base-theme repository to check the latest changes!

What is ScandiPWA?

ScandiPWA is a single page application (SPA) theme for Magento with advanced PWA capabilities.

ScandiPWA is based on React and utilizes GraphQL API of Magento 2.3.


Want to learn more?

See what we have for you:

Your question was not covered? Join our community Slack channel and ask the core team directly!

Docker Setup

The docker environment is prepared to deploy and develop theme. We reccomend using it as has:

  • Pre-configured services
  • No need to have an existing Magento installation
  • Rendertrone out of the box
  • Development-friendly setup

Lean more about Docker template for ScandiPWA.

Ready to try?

Follow the guide for Docker setup on Linux or watch the video guide.

Setup on existing Magento

Already have an existing Magento installation? ScandiPWA is a regular Magento theme. We can install it on existing Magento instance using composer.

Ready to try?

Follow the guide for setup on existing Magento or watch the video guide.

Setup with remote server

If you are planning to developer a back-end functionality, but to modify the front-end only, can can try setting up the theme with remote Magento 2 server.

NOTE! it is impossible to test the website in production mode (of the webpack build). This is the main downside of this approach.

Ready to try?

Follow the guide for setup with remote server or watch the video guide.


The repository is based on Magento 2.3. All components and modules, except the further theme development must be managed by Composer.



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