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secure clipboard across devices for sharing URLs, password, NSFW, etc.
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This is a work in progress and the README file will be updated, please don't use this

pastedrop is an app to share your clipboard data between devices fast and secure. In order to be secure we are relaying on the Signal protocol for all the clipboard data in the app.

A example use case is: You have two devices (desktop and phone). Both of them are running the app. Let's say you decide to copy something on the desktop and then pick the phone as a target device. pastedrop will then update the system clipboard on the target device. So when you decide to paste on the phone, the data from the desktop is pasted.


As far as we know, no project is remotely updating the system clipboard. We also wanted to scratch an itch and finally play with the signal protocol using end-to-end encrypted.


TODO: fill this out

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