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Right angle "shorty" adapter for um016 1080p HDMI microscopes

3D printable case parts for the 'um016' style HDMI 1080p microscope for right-angle use in tight spaces. This microscope is sold with various brands, here's one branded "Mustcam" that goes for $120, The enclosure always looks the same, and the circuit board and sometimes the product description will have the label 'um016'.

You'll need the PCB, entire optics assembly, and all but two of the self-tapping screws from the original microscope assembly. The printed parts replace the top housing, letting you mount the PCB (and connectors) at a right angle relative to the original design, making the whole microscope much less tall.

Take special care not to over-tighten any of the self-tapping screws. The case halves are primarily held together by a combination of a semi-circular groove on one end of the optics mount side, and three snaps on the other side.

Some versions of the microscope use a flat cable and some use a round one. The flat cable variant may need some double sided foam tape to hold the cable down to the PCB sufficiently clear from the brightness knob that it can turn freely still.

The two halves can be assembled at any angle multiple of 45 degrees, by choosing how they're aligned before installing screws in the side of the optics tube. I find it easiest to assemble the top half and optics tube first, connect and route cables, then fully insert the PCB, using a spudger gently if necessary to get the PCB past the side snaps on the case.

License is CC0 / Public Domain / Unlicense.


3D printable case parts for the 'um016' style HDMI 1080p microscope for right-angle use in tight spaces




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