The "Zen photon garden", an HTML5 raytracing art-toy.
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Zen photon garden

This is a little HTML5 art toy about raytracing.

It's built for modern web browsers with a fast JavaScript engine, Web Workers, Typed Arrays, and Canvas.

There's a blog where you can read more about it, or you can try it out online.

Web App

The web app is written in a mix of JavaScript and CoffeeScript. You'll need the CoffeeScript compiler and jsmin to build it.

Everything related to the web app is contained in the html directory. The included shell scripts and are responsible for compiling, minifying and deploying the site.

During development, you will need to make the html directory accessible to a local web server. The file:// URI scheme won't work with Web Workers.

A debug mode is available by running debug. Minification is disabled, and it uses a fake implementation of Web Workers to facilitate source-level debugging.

Batch Renderer

An experimental batch rendererer called hqz (High Quality Zen) is under development in the hqz directory.


Zen photon garden was created by Micah Elizabeth Scott.