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Scanner Examples

This directory contains simple examples and full applications that demonstrate how to use Scanner.


  • Walkthrough.ipynb: an IPython notebook that goes through a simple application (shot detection) using Scanner.
  • List of Tutorials: a set of well-commented files exploring different Scanner features in code.

If you want to run the notebook yourself so that you can interactively edit the code, run:

cd path/to/your/scanner/directory/
cd examples
jupyter notebook --allow-root --ip= --port=8888

Then in your browser, go to http://localhost:8888/notebooks/Walkthrough.ipynb and copy in the token from the console logs. Follow the instructions in the Jupyter notebook.

Example Applications

  • face_detection: Detect all faces in a video, and then render a new video overlaying the face bounding boxes on the video.
  • shot_detection: Segment a video into shots and then create a single image montage featuring one thumbnail for each shot. (Same application as the walkthrough.)
  • hyperlapse: Create a stable timelapse video using the Hyperlapse algorithm.
  • optical_flow: Use OpenCV to compute flow fields within a video.
  • object_detection_tensorflow: Use Tensorflow's SSD Mobilenet DNN to detect objects.
  • detectron: Use the Detectron object detection API for Caffe2 to detect objects.
  • reverse_image_search: Search through a video to look for a query frame.
  • depth_from_stereo: Compute a per-pixel depth image from two views of the same location.


  • tensorflow: How to expose TensorFlow computations as Scanner graph operations.
  • caffe: How to use Caffe nets as Scanner graph operations.
  • python_kernel: How to implement Scanner graph ops in Python.
  • halide: How to use Halide kernels as Scanner graph operations.