The following tutorials progressively walk through the features of Scanner using commented example code. For each tutorial, you should run the code first to see the output. For example, for the first tutorial:



  1. Basic rundown of a full Scanner app
  2. How to define new Ops in Python
  3. Describes the different properties of Ops (such as batching, stencling, state)
  4. Introduces sampling operations for sparsely processing frames
  5. Introduces slicing operations for limiting temporal dependencies
  6. Introduces Sources and Sinks for reading from locations other than the database
  7. How to control the compression of output video streams and export them to mp4 files
  8. Introduces the profiling infrastructure
  9. How to define new Ops in C++
  10. How to define new Sources in C++
  11. How to define new Sinks in C++