A server that talks to multiple webcams and presents a zmq/protobuf interface for getting video streams.
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=== A Webcam Client/Server Daemon

This project fulfills a bunch of small tasks that have bothered me for
quite some time. I set up a lot of webcams here and there of
different sorts and pedigrees.

Most webcams assume that you basically proxy them through your
firewall directly and then external users will go to these proxies
webcams for all access to them.

Here I mean 'webcam' to be some video camera connected via a network
connection whose main interface is HTTP based (although some of these,
like the hawking 210's the control interface is http based, and the
actual image stream is via a simplistic custom protocol.)

This never satisifed me. Being a bit of an OCD personality I wanted to
have my own web site present the interface to these webcams.

I also wanted the ability to at any time ask for the past minute of
video from any of the actively monitored webcams.

So this is a server and set of clients that will talk to several
different webcams and present an interface other systems can talk to
to get a single frame, a video stream, status, and one minute history
from any controlled webcam.

Modern webcams are a lot more powerful and can actually stream mp4
encoded data instead of the ancient and hackish motion-jpeg
streams. However, in this initial version I am going leave all video
streams as basically a bunch of messages, one image in each message,
most likely always in jpg.

Also, I have long wanted to play with zero-mq and protocol buffers and
they seemed to fit the basics of this project.

=== Basic Use Cases

o You have a server configuration. It lists the webcams you want to
  control, their addresses, what type they are, and any authentication
  they may need to give get video from them.

o The server offers two interfaces:

  A REQ/REP where you send a request and get back a response.

  The requests supported are:

  o list status of controlled webcams as well as their status and other info.
  o get a current frame from a specific webcam
  o get a current frame from all controlled webcams
  o get the past minute of frames from a specific webcam
    Yes, you get a set of frames. I figured re-encoding this in to a
    video should be the job of whoever gets the frames. That way they
    get to decide what to re-encode it into.
  o re-read configuration file
  o idle a specific webcam
  o re-activate an idled webcam
  o exit

  The second interface is a PUB/SUB interface. You connect to it and
  subscribe to a specific webcam. You will then get a continuous
  stream of image messages from that webcam.

=== Message format

I am using protocol buffers.. so see the .proto file included in this