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Scanpay .NET client

The official .NET client library for the Scanpay API (docs). You can always e-mail us at, or chat with us on IRC at Freenode #scanpay.


The library is uploaded to nuget. You can install it in several ways:

Install from the Package Manager:

PM>  Install-Package scanpay

Install from .NET CLI

dotnet add package scanpay

Install from within Visual Studio:

  1. Open the Solution Explorer.
  2. Right-click on a project within your solution.
  3. Click on Manage NuGet Packages...
  4. Click on the Browse tab and search for "scanpay".
  5. Click on the scanpay package, select the appropriate version in the right-tab and click Install.


Define a Scanpay client:

var apikey = "1089:bx2a4DATi8ad87Nm4uaxg5nggYA8J/Hv99CON977YiEdvYa6DmMwdoRPoYWyBJSi";
var client = new Scanpay.Client(apikey);

The Scanpay API requires TLS 1.2 support. If you do not use the latest .NET version, you may have to explicitly enable TLS 1.2 by adding the following to your main function:

ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol |= SecurityProtocolType.Tls12;

If SecurityProtocolType.Tls12 is undefined in your .NET version, you can attempt the following:

ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol |= (SecurityProtocolType)3072;;

New Payment Link

Create a payment link to which you can redirect customers.

var data = new Scanpay.NewURLReq
    orderid = "999",
    items = new Scanpay.Item[]
        new Scanpay.Item
            name     = "Ultra Bike 7000",
            total    = "1337.01 DKK",
            quantity = 2,
var url = client.newURL(data);
Console.WriteLine("Payment URL is " + url);

Seq Request

Get an array with a number of changes since the supplied sequence number:

var oldSeq = 3
var seqRes = client.seq(oldSeq);
foreach(var change in seqRes.changes)
    // Update your database with change...
Console.WriteLine("New seq number is " + seqRes.seq);

Handle Pings

Verify the ping signature and extract the seq number.

var ping = client.handlePing(body, request.Headers["X-Signature"]);
Console.WriteLine("Ping seq=" + ping.seq + ", shopid=" + ping.shopid);

See the tests/ folder for more advanced examples.


Scanpay .NET client library





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