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Node web application for controlling an open source 3D scanner.
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3D Scanner Node Web Application

The sweep-3d-scanner is an open source community project. The goal is to make an inexpensive, portable and easy to use 3D scanner. Currently the software is still under heavy development, and should not be considered stable. Users are encouraged to experiment with the software, report bugs and contribute fixes!

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homepage Sweep 3D Scanner Video Tutorial



The sweep-3d-scanner is a community project. We got the ball rolling, but things will evolve and improve through community contribution. There is a lot of room for improvement, and submitting a pull request is easy!

Don't hesitate to experiment and modify the code. The application could really benefit from contributions related to:

  • front-end design
  • webserver
  • routing
  • python scripting
  • stepper motor control
  • networking and communication
  • deployment (docker)
  • etc...

To make the process of contributing more efficient, please review the contribution guidelines.

License Information

Please see for more details.

Distributed as-is; no warranty is given.

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