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Welcome to the sweep-3d-scanner wiki!

These pages document software developed for the open source sweep-3d-scanner community project.

The goals of this documentation are:

  • Summarize how to install the application
  • Summarize how the application operates, or is intended to operate
  • Get new users up to speed with the source code
  • Highlight intended methods for users to extend the functionality of the app
  • Provide reference material for debugging future issues with the application

Table of Contents:

  • Design Overview
    • Concept
    • Design Philosophy
    • Application Structure + Design
    • Directory Structure
    • Main Dependencies
    • Alternative Directions
  • Setup
    • Installing Pre Built Image on RaspberryPi
    • Connecting to Raspberry Pi
    • Updating Existing Code
    • Setting up Raspberry Pi from Scratch
  • Using the Webapp
    • Connecting to the Raspberry Pi
    • Opening the Webapp in a browser
    • Restarting/Shutting down the Raspberry Pi
    • Performing a scan
    • Scan Settings
    • Managing scan files
    • Viewing scan files
  • Scanner Scripts
    • Scanner Scripts
    • Dummy Version
    • Theory of Operation
  • Webapp
    • Design Philosophy
    • Express Routing + Jade Templating
    • Launching Scanner Scripts as Child Processes
    • Requesting Status Updates form Client Side JavaScript
  • Developing on a Computer via Local Host
    • Concept
    • Quickstart
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