Fix Orientation

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At this stage it is possible to turn scans by multiples of 90 degrees. i.e., to correct sideways or upside-down scans.

This is a manual stage because the program does not know how to determine the correct orientation of scans - the user must do this. This also means that using batch processing at this stage is useless. Obviously it behooves the user to make sure all initial scans are of the same orientation, if possible; mixing orientation will make this stage less automatic and more time-consuming.

Panel settings for this stage appears as follows:


Buttons with yellow arrows rotate scans 90 degrees in one direction or the other. A green pointer shows which direction the scan is oriented at the given moment. The button "reset" returns the scan to the initial position - the green pointer will indicate upward.

Apply to

This makes it possible to turn not only this page (which is done automatically), but also others. This dialogue is opened by clicking on the "Apply to ..." button and it appears as follows:

The first two options in the list do not require explanation. “This page and the following ones” will apply the same operation that has been applied to the current page to each page after the current one. “Every other page” will apply rotation to either each even or to each odd page in accordance with whether the current page is even or odd. The last two options are activated only if two or more pages are selected from the preview pane. To use “Every other selected page” the selected pages must be continuous. To select continuous pages it's often more convenient to use Shift + click.

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