Split Pages

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This stage determines whether you want to divide the page(s).

Control parameters at this stage looks like this:

Type of division from left to right:

  1. One complete scan, without any parts of the next page. These scans are usually obtained from specialized book scanners or photographs.
  2. One scan, which hits part of the next page.
  3. Twin scan.

The type of division is determined automatically, but can be set manually. Use the "Change ...", to manually set. The type of division can be applied to all pages at once or individual pages. The same button can be used to automatically select the type of division.

The dividing line can also be determined/moved automatically or specified manually, but it can not be applied to other pages. It is useful to quickly check out the preview pane of each page to ensure the page splits have been correctly applied - sometimes images in pages can affect the split operation.

To increase the chances of correct automatic determination of the type of incision and separation line, try to follow these rules when scanning:

  • If you make a one-scan, do it in portrait rather than landscape orientation.
  • When scanning, choose the most raw mode, ie one in which the machine will not try to improve or compress anything.

Examples of good scans:

Example of bad scan (pretreated scanner software):

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