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Tips for Scanning

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To get a good result with Scan Tailor, and minimise errors in the automatic processing, follow these rules when scanning:

  • Don’t scan in black and white mode - use grayscale, or, if necessary, colour.

  • Don’t scan at any lower resolution than 300 DPI, typically scan at 300 or 600 DPI.

  • Do not scan to JPEG – the format is lossy, and converting to other formats will not result in better quality. (Camera users will most likely need to use JPG mode but use the best resolution and the best JPEG quality settings possible).

  • When scanning typically use TIFF format, but be careful as TIFF can be used for jpeg-compression algorithms.

  • If you need to compress the image then choose LZW - a lossless format

  • If unable to use TIFF then scan to PNG - it is guaranteed to use lossless compression algorithms, or, in extreme cases, to BMP (file size will be uncompressed and therefore enormous, and should preferably be converted into a format that uses lossless compression).

  • Avoid scanning mode "Document", and generally try to disable all options to improve the scans.