A tool for automated alignment trimming in large-scale phylogenetic analyses. Development version: 1.4
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scapella Added a new python script to generate random alignment of an arbitrar…
…y number of sequences and residues using another alignment as seed.

The script controls of having NO columns nor sequences composed entirely by GAPs. This may cause having an infinite loop of including sequences and columns so there is a guard 'max. attempts' to prevent that.
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Basic Installation

The simplest way to compile this package is:

  1. 'cd' to the directory containing the package's source code ('source').

  2. Type 'make' to compile the package.

  3. Optionally, run trimAl/readAl with the examples into the 'dataset' 
     directory to check the correct installation.

   By default, 'make' compiles the source code of trimAl and readAl in the
current directory. After that, you can either add to PATH the current
directory or move these files to '/usr/local/bin' or to '/usr/bin' using
root privileges.