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Welcome to the koalixcrm

Project build: Build Status

Codacy results: Codacy Badge Codacy Badge

Docker: Docker Automated build Docker Build Status Docker Stars Docker Pulls



You can find an english demo of the koalixcrm here: demo. You can find a german demo of the koalixcrm here: demo.

To be able to log in use the following

user: guest

password: guestpassword


You can find the documentation of koalixcrm here: doc


Some information about the installation of koalixcrm: installation

Development environment setup

Information about the development environment setup for this and similar projects can be found here: Development environment setup

Release Process

Information about the release process: Release Process

Update from version 1.11 to 1.12

Some information about the update procedure from Version 1.11 to Version 1.12: update