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24 doc/source/tutorial.rst
@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ at the :doc:`installation` - and installed the koalixcrm according to this descr
Create Your First Customer
Let say you want to Register the following Customer:
-Privat address:
+Privat address::
John Smith
Ave 1
@@ -20,7 +20,8 @@ Phone:
-Business address:
+Business address::
Smith and Sons
Ave 2
120987 Largeville
@@ -106,17 +107,17 @@ Create Your First Product
To create your first product visit the dashboard by either following the breadcumps back to the dashboard
-.. image:: //images/breadcumps.png
+.. image:: /images/breadcumps.png
or visit http://localhost/admin again. Press the Units Add button to get to the Unit adding form. Now fill out all the
required fileds to register the unit hours
-.. image:: //image/addunitformhour.png
+.. image:: /images/addunitformhour.png
Press save, add an other unit by again pressing the add button.
Now we create a unit minute.
-.. image:: //images/addunitformminute.png
+.. image:: /images/addunitformminute.png
Pess save and go back to the dashboard
@@ -124,12 +125,12 @@ As we have registered the new units now we are able to create a product.
Press the Products add button to get to the products adding field. We start with a common product called Manpower
Fill all fields with the following values:
-.. image:: //images/addproductform1.png
+.. image:: /images/addproductform1.png
as you know every product has its price espencialy manpower - time is money. Thats why we have to add at least
one price for this product by filling the fileds the following values.
-.. image:: //images/addproductform2.png
+.. image:: /images/addproductform2.png
You will find an other part of this form called unit transfrom. Unit Transforms are sometimes needed when you for example have
stacks of certain products but only one price per piece. Leave this blank when you only have one unit for one product.
@@ -140,11 +141,11 @@ give you the possibility to fill out your fist quote. As you can see, there are
we created the quote with the action instead of dasboard quote add. There are two major parts of a quote: first the
general values like "valid until", "description" and so on. And second you find the positions of the quote.
-.. image:: //images/addquoteform1.png
+.. image:: /images/addquoteform1.png
by pressing the "+"-sign you can add as much positions as you like. Fill in the values as described below
-.. image:: //image/addquoteform2.png
+.. image:: /images/addquoteform2.png
Click on the save button to finish your first quote. Go back to the dashboard, go to quotes and select the newly created
quote. From the actions slect "Create Quote PDF" to get a pdf of this new quote.
@@ -167,10 +168,9 @@ To be able to register the invoice in your accounting we first need to set up th
Create Accounts
Currently there is only a swiss accounts table i really hope i get some help soon to create some generic account tables for other
-countries because if you have to fill all them out on your on this is going to take quite some time.
-But lets say you can not use swiss account table and you have to create all of them on your own.
+countries as well because if you have to fill all them out on your own this is going to take quite some time.
-Its very urgent that you have you have set up these special accounts at least:
+Its urgent that you have you have set up these special accounts at least:
1. Open Reliabilities
2. Open Intrests
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