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GraphQL Backend as a Service

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  1. A realtime React starter kit powered by GraphQL Subscriptions. The app is a slack clone and features real-time messaging and social authentication.

    JavaScript 104 24

  2.'s Starter Kit for building React-Native apps

    Makefile 55 8

  3.'s Starter Kit for building React-Apollo apps

    JavaScript 70 33

  4.'s Starter Kit for building React-Relay apps

    JavaScript 47 11

  5. Forked from ninjabit/scaphold-angular-boilerplate

    A full featured boilerplate to start building great apps with angular, angular-cli, rxjs, graphql and the service.

    TypeScript 15 1

  6. A graphql ready starter kit for Angular2 using Apollo Client and Webpack. This starter kit is built to seamlessly integrate with the's powerful GraphQL-as-a-Service platform.

    HTML 27 6


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