Conky theme with weather support and a spiffy layout.
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Conky theme with weather support and a spiffy layout:



  • conky v1.10+, as the new config file uses Lua syntax
  • apcaccess for reading the Load level of the UPS
  • (Proprietary) nVidia drivers for reading GPU status (I've only ever tried with these, other GPUs may report fine too ofc)


  • Copy the .conky-google-now and .conkyrc files to your home folder
  • Install the included Play font in ~/.fonts/truetype/play, then update your font cache with: sudo fc-cache -fv
  • Copy the logos/ folder anywhere, but update the 3 references within .conkyrc (lines 65, 80, 87) - the same can actually be done with the .conky-google-now/ folder which contains the weather icons

.conkyrc Required edits for personalized info:

  • [line 45] Edit the Yahoo! Weather URL to search for your city, replacing {{{{{YOUR_CITY_NAME}}}}} (discard curly brackets) with your desired city -- if your city name contains spaces, replace any with %20 (you can pop this URL in a browser to inspect the response)
  • [line 62] Replace the hardcoded data
  • [line 65] (Optional) If the value of /proc/cpuinfo is too long, it could push the CPU temp out of view -- feel free to hardcode it by replacing ${execi 300 cat /proc/cpuinfo |grep 'model name'|sort -u|awk -F: '{ print $2; }'|awk -F: \ '{print $1}'} with anything
  • [line 99-101] Edit the disk paths
  • [line 103-105] Edit the disks to monitor r/w speeds
  • [line 106-108] Replace the eno1 network interface with whatever yours is


  • This layout was built for 1440p resolution, but you can adapt it to 1080p (or anything else really) by simply adding/removing some elements/lines
  • The modified conky-google-now weather parsing code is from satya164
  • The VClouds weather icons are from VClouds
  • The music text that is near the bottom, as well as the Prev/Stop/Play/Next buttons, are not from this Conky theme. They are from the gmusicbrowser desktop plugin

Donations from awesome people

It has taken me a long while to build and perfect this layout, so if you'd like, you can toss some Bitcoin dust my way to:

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency rock! 1PaV8LVJTqwt23M9WXK4jcVu2Bp6rWHwnv

Thanks, and hope you enjoy!