A cross-platform, modern app, built on top of Angular and NW.js which enables you to easily manage your WADs and playlists. Currently supports zDoom, gzDoom, DoomRPG, Doom64EX and Zandronum, as well as Oblige.
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Super Shotgun Launcher

Doom Frontend with Oblige mapbuild integration for zdoom, gzDoom, Zandronum, Doom64EX and DoomRPG written in AngularMaterial on NWJS for Windows and Linux.

###> Just gimme the Binary Releases (Windows, Linux 32/64-bit + OSX 64-bit)



  • Painfree modern UI
  • Support for WAD, PK3, BEX and DEH
  • Easy Filtering through your WADs (directory-namesm, wad-names, file extensions)
  • Loadorder sorting for chosen WADs
  • Creating/Saving wadlists for faster access
  • Using/Creating Savefolders based on the name on used wadlist
  • zDoom, gzDoom, DoomRPG, Doom64EX and Zandronum Support
  • Oblige "Build and Play" via Configfiles (Also able to resume last built map)
  • Fast access to your favourite DoomSeeker Client and Oblige Frontend
  • Automatic Update Notifier
  • Screenshot Lookup for your WADs and PK3s via WadArchive or local directory
  • Easy configuration for DoomRPG

##Retro Reskin Version
scar45 made an own fork with an "retro-reskin" here

##Supported/Tested Sourceports

##If you want to Help/Contribute
Taiga: https://tree.taiga.io/project/freakzero-gzdoom-launcher
Gitter: Gitter

##Howto Build: Be sure that bower and grunt-cli is installed.
Clone this Repository with git clone https://github.com/FreaKzero/ssgl-doom-launcher
go into the rootfolder of ssgl-doom-launcher
Install all dependencies with bower install (bower configuration handles npm automatically)
grunt build-win for building 32 and 64 bit Windows Binaries (will be generated into ./build folder)
grunt build-linux for building 32 and 64 bit Linux Binaries (will be generated into ./build folder)

##Development Environment
After you've done bower install, you can build your development environment with:

grunt build-devenv-win for Windows 64Bit
grunt build-devenv-osx for OSX 64Bit
grunt build-devenv-linux32 for Linux 32Bit
grunt build-devenv-linux64 for Linux 64Bit

It will make a new folder in your root named ./nw (Version 0.12.0 of NodeWebkit will be fetched via curl(), that can take a while) - with all dependencies and configs installed for development use (so you dont have to build everytime).

Run the development version of the app within the ./nw folder by executing SSGL.

When you dont use Sublime Text (see projectfile - buildsystems) use the commandline argument --devtools or -d to get an "Open Devtools" Icon in the Toolbar. In Development mode you can press F5 to reload the App.

###Command line switches for development version:###

  • --devtools or -d Enable Open Devtools icon in the toolbar (use F5 to reload the app) (not needed with Sublime Text -- see projectfile - buildsystems)

  • --livereload or -r
    Enable Live Reloading on HTML/CSS/JS changes in the /src folder

  • Example Mac:
    open -n ./nw/nwjs.app --args -d -r

  • Example Windows:
    nw\nw.exe -d -r


  • grunt build-win to build Windows 32 and 64bit Binaries (When you want to build this on a Mac you need WINE)
  • grunt build-linux to build Linux 32 and 64bit Binaries
  • grunt build-osx to build MacOS 64bit Binaries

##Building Docs
grunt yuidoc generates Code documentation into ./docs (its in .gitignore)
Not all Documented yet

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