Tools for pruning Maichimp lists.
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Tools for pruning huge Maichimp lists.


If you manage large Mailchimp lists, you know their web interface cant't handle more than a couple thousand addresses at a time. Try to feed more than that and you start to get "Gateway Timeout" errors.

Even if you are using double opt-in, from time to time the compliance team may force you to prune your lists.

It is very boring to unsubscribe 100,000 adresses manually in small batches, so I wrote this.


First, install some libs, if you don't have them already:

pip install mailsnake
pip install requests

Next, select the segment you want to prune. For example, if you have to unsubscribe every hotmail address without proven activity:

  1. go to your list, subscribers->segment
  2. select "Subscribers match [ALL] of the following"
  3. select "Email"->"ends with"->"" and click (+)
  4. select "Subscriber activity"->"dit not open"->"any campaign" and click (+)
  5. select "Subscriber activity"->"dit not click"->"any campaign"
  6. click "View segment"
  7. if you are satusfied with the results, download the segment - if not repeat and rinse.
  8. take note of your API key. It is under "Account"->"API keys" (add a new if needed)
  9. take note of your list id. It is under "Lists"->"Settings"->"unique id"
  10. run


Suppose your API key is 3e3e76c36d0d1f349ae7a13f8e53f16f-us2 and your list id is 576ef0a71c: -key 3e3e76c36d0d1f349ae7a13f8e53f16f-us2 \
         -list-id 576ef0a71c \

(where segmentMyList_Apr_20_2012.csv is the file you downloaded at step 7)


Just send me patches.


My name is Paulo Scardine and I work at Xtend in Brazil (so excuse my lame English, my native idiom is Portuguese).

I manage big websites and huge email lists for a living.