A simple, shared PostProcessBuildPlayer script for Unity
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Scarlet Post Processor

Unity plugins frequently require adding frameworks to an Xcode project. For example, Diffusion requires adding Social.framework or Xcode will throw linker errors. The common trend is for each plugin to create its own PostProcessBuildPlayer script. At best, this results in several scripts doing basically the same thing. At worst, these scripts conflict and cause errors.

Rather than attempt to add frameworks for our plugins directly, we've opted to use Xcode 5's @import feature. This will automatically add the required frameworks on it's own. That way, we can use a single script for all of our plugins. In fact, in theory, this could fix errors with other plugins as well! @import will automatically convert #import statements, which means that enabling modules include missing frameworks even for files that don't use @import.


Simply include the ScarletPostProcessor.cs script in an Editor folder of your project. This will enable CLANG_ENABLE_MODULES for your output Xcode project.

To take advantage of this in your plugins, you can use @import to include necessary frameworks:

@import Social
@import Accelerate