A barebones service orientated CMS meant for Django.
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Barebones CMS

This is a very simple project to create the boilerplace for a service orientated CMS.

It is not meant to be a complete CMS solution, just the base for projects to use when the project does not want or need something as complete as DjangoCMS.

Getting Started

To use the CMS you should perform the following steps:

  • Update your requirements to include the barebone-cms project

Local Development

If you'd like to make changes but don't have the CMS in your own project, you can use the development project in the sites directory. It is a basic django project intended to do nothing except give a face to the CMS structure.


If you want to use vagrant for development, there is a complete vagrant + salt setup:

cd vagrant

vagrant up

vagrant ssh

make install


There is no docker file at the moment. If you want to create one then please feel free to do so and make a pull request. It can use any DB as the project is not database reliant.



Pages contain information about the page itself. It does not contain any information that is not useful for routing or whether or not the page is published (with the exception of title).

Page Templates

Page templates have two functions:

  • To tell the user where


BB_CMS_APP_NAME - name of override app

BB_DASHBOARD_NAMESPACE - dashboard namespace to use for cms management pages