python-webdav is a client webdav library for Python
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python_webdav is a client side library, written in Python for WebDAV.

The library has been updated to use requests rather tha httplib2 for making the webdav calls. The overall API has not been changed so there should not be any need to update current code bases.

The parser has also been refactored to use BeautifulSoup in place of lxml.


Stable Version

Install using:

python install

or just install using pip:

pip install python_webdav

Development Versions

Stable versions are not released with much regularity, so if you want features or fixes and don't want to wait, you can pip install via github instead.

The master branch is usually pretty stable but is generally not fully tested. Because if this there could still be bugs lurking.

The develop branch is a work in progress. Features and fixes get put there after they are reasonably complete but you should consider the branch to be unstable.


Contributions and improvements are always welcome. Contributions that do not adhere to PEP8 (where sensible) or do not have unit tests will unfortunately be turned down (clean and tested code is happy code :)


Things you might like to know about the test suite:

# It's a pain to run some of the tests.

Ok, I'm sorry, a lot of the tests are not actually unit tests. At some point I would love to get a nice, contained environment that I can put out there with the test suite so that real tests can be run against a temporary server. Right now I'm using the pywebdav server to run the tests against. If you want to write real unit tests then that's fine. I've avoided it purely because I'm not a webdav server expert and didn't trust my test data to be accurate.