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customized zombies for KF weapon modders
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Scary Ghost

Copy the contents in the system folder to your Killing Floor system folder.

Add the "SG Zombie" mutator to the list of active mutators.  The mutator 
will replace the fleshpound and scrake with my modded ones.  Configuring 
the damage scaling will require you to edit SGZombie.ini.  The ini file in 
the download link is configured to emulate the current resistances and 
weaknesses of the stock scrake and fleshpound.  To add your custom damage 
type, you will need to have the following 4 variables assigned:

                        The name of the weapon's damage type.  Must be in 
                        the form: PackageName.DamageTypeClass

                        How much the damage will scale by

                        If true, a headshot needs to be landed for the 
                        damage scale to apply

                        What difficulties the damage scale will be applied 
                        on.  This variable is a 5 bit bitmask, with bit 0 
                        corresponding to beginner, and bit 5 corresponding 
                        to HoE.  Setting the bit to 1 will have the damage 
                        scale apply to that difficulty.  The value must be 
                        written in decimal.

The FPDmgScale variable corresponds to the fleshpound's damage scaling and 
SCDmgScale refers to the scrake's damage scale. The following example 
showes how to encode the fleshpound's crossbow resistance:


The damage type is KFMod.DamTypeCrossbowHeadShot.  It's damage scale is 
0.35x and the hit must be a head shot.  In binary, 24 is 11000 so the 
damage scaling only applies on HoE and Suicidal.  Again, for the 
difficulty mask, you must express the number in decimal.  For some reason, 
the mutator will interpret hex numbers as 0.


Source code:
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